The primary aim of CEDRAC is to assist international businesspeople to resolve their disputes through arbitration procedures that are fair, quick and cost-effective.

Advanced and practical arbitration rules

The CEDRAC Arbitration Rules have been prepared by Professor Loukas Mistellis following consultation and input from the CEDRAC Court members, which comprises well-known names of the world of international commercial arbitration (you can see the members of the CEDRAC court by clicking here). We feel confident that as a result of this consultation process and pool of experts, the CEDRAC rules produce a regime that is efficient and fair, and is capable of meeting the most up to date needs of commercial businesspeople and lawyers. Click here to see our arbitration rules, and here for the slides of their presentation by Prof. Loukas Mistellis during CEDRAC’s inaugural conference.

Expertise and independence

All members of the CEDRAC Court are renowned practitioners in their field. They come from a variety of countries (England, Germany, France, Russia, Italy, and Sweden to mention just a few) and have experience in a wide range of fields. This ensures that CEDRAC has expertise, independence and is always in tune with the diversity of views one finds in the world of international commercial arbitration. You can see the members of the CEDRAC court by clicking here.


The CEDRAC aims to give parties flexibility when conducting arbitration proceedings, whilst at the same time overseeing the arbitration process. So, for example, parties are free to choose their arbitrators or ask from CEDRAC to appoint arbitrators itself.


We realise that parties arbitrating their disputes are often very cost-conscious. We have a transparent and very cost-efficient costs policy. See our Schedule of Costs here.

Location and facilities

CEDRAC has its base of operations in Nicosia, Cyprus. Cyprus was chosen as an ideal arbitration venue. It is already a well-established business offshore centre with excellent commercial infrastructure. It has a state of the art communications and first rate business venues, hotels and restaurants. Cyprus also has an ideal geographical location sitting between three continents, with two international airports offering regular flights to London, Paris, Moscow, the Middle-East and Northern Africa. Cyprus offers a commercially sophisticated legal system which has its roots in the Common Law. Cypriot arbitration law is based on the UNCITRAL Model Law and Cyprus is a member of the 1958 New York Convention for the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, whilst Cypriot courts have repeatedly demonstrated their commitment to supporting arbitration proceedings and their respect of party choice and autonomy. (You can see a paper on Judicial Attitudes in Cyprus by clicking here and a paper on Enforcement of Arbitral Awards in Cyprus by clicking here.)

For more information contact Marcos Dracos, Secretary of CEDRAC, at or Zacharias Palexas, Co-President of CEDRAC at